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Feel free to ask if I know of people who talk talk about specific topics.
Feel free to recommend individuals as good speakers/ presenters on specific topics.
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Resources for Spiritual Development

Burnout is a common problem many church leaders. The main reason why burnout occurs is that we try to do too much on our own and forget to "fill ourselves up" with God. Or, to use a different of imagery - we try to go the distance on one tank of gas, and to keep going even when we run out of gas!

Somewhere, we need to fill up our "tank" with God! Here are a few resources to help.

    3-Minute Retreat/Loyola Press
    A Roman Catholic resource that offers daily devotionals on scripture.
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    Monasteries of the Heart
    A "web-based movement sharing Benedictine spirituality with contemporary seekers". The movement is open to anyone who seeks God through a Benedictine path.
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    Our Daily Bread
    A non-denominational, non-profit organization resource that helps people grow in their relationship with God through daily devotionals.
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    Prayer & Possibilities
    Kathryn Shirey's website offering guidance for deepening prayers, developing faith, and stepping into God's possibilities. Offers free training courses, and newsletters.
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    Presbycan Daily Devotional
    Start your day with God - the Presbyterian Daily Devotional website (and Facebook page) is an interactive website that provides a daily meditation and encourages readers to email comments, questions or appreciation directly to the authors. Also on the site are prayer lines for personal prayer requests, and a search engine that allows you to search devotions for specific topics or scripture texts.
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    These Days
    These Days, published by the Presbyterian Publishing Corporation (US), features meditations and devotions written by clergy and lay leaders. Each quarterly issue features devotions, poems, prayers and songs pertinent to the issue's theme, suggestions for using the devotions, and space for creating individual prayer lists.
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Book Resources

THOMAS, Gary L. Sacred Pathways
Gary L. Thomas's book "strips away the frustration of one-size-fits-all spirituality. It explores 9 distinct spiritual temperaments and how each offers its own approach to loving God. Available from Christian books, Amazon and other bookstores.

VANIER, Jean. Be Not Afraid
Jean Vanier's insightful and transformative book calls us to examine our own fears of losing control or having to give things up in order to love others. Available from Christian books, Amazon and other bookstores.

VANIER, Jean. Treasures of the Heart
This book of daily readings with Jean Vanier is part of the Modern Spirituality series that came out in the 1980s/1990s, and captures a variety of Vanier's thought-provoking meditations. Available from Christian books, Amazon and other bookstores.

YOUNG, Sarah. Jesus Calling: Enjoying Peace in his presence
Sarah Young has been described as "a stream in the desert" whose words "quench our thirst". This devotional is written as if Jesus is speaking direclty to you. Available from Christian books, Amazon and other bookstores. Available from Christian books, Amazon and other bookstores.